Today, we learn how to make bulletproof coffee (BULLETPROOF® Coffee)

Yes, we will be making coffee, that if poured all over your body, would make you impenetrable to a speeding bullet…not really.

We will actually be making coffee that is an upgrade to your normal cup of joe. A cup of coffee that will leave you energized for hours, eliminate any crashes, help you burn fat, gain muscle, and be an overall better human….

You can call it Better Human Coffee or Bulletproof Coffee, either would be 100% appropriate.

Disclaimer: I didn’t create this coffee recipe, I don’t pretend like I invented any portion of it, and all of the credit should go to Dave Asprey, the original creator of Bulletproof Coffee. Bulletproof Coffee is just something I have added to my daily routine, so I had to share with my CrossFit Zanshin family.
Let’s get started!

First, I’ll tell you how to make Bulletproof Coffee, then we can dive into some of the health benefits associated with this stuff.

How to Make Bulletproof Coffee (Step By Step):

*A quick note about the picture above. It is really about a tablespoon per large mug of coffee. So if you only brew one mug’s worth of coffee, don’t use 2 Tbs, just 1 Tbs.

*Optional Step 5: Add cinnamon

What you need:

Awesome Coffee
UNSALTED grass-fed butter (Kerry Gold is a common brand)
MCT Oil or Coconut Oil (I us MCT oil)
Powerful Blender
Awesome Coffee – Since this recipe originated from Dave, I will give out a link to his coffee that he specially formulated for Bulletproof Coffee. A major aspect to the complete health benefits associated with bulletproof coffee is the quality of the coffee. So make sure you get some good stuff. Dave’s coffee is supposed to be great coffee, but it’s a little pricey.

*Note: You DO NOT need his coffee to make bulletproof coffee. I recommend starting with whatever coffee you currently use. It doesn’t defeat the purpose or degrade the premise behind bulletproof coffee. Dave makes some good arguments on why you should upgrade your coffee, but just see how you like bulletproof coffee first.

Unsalted grass-fed butter – Salty coffee ain’t no good, and you can read about the benefits of grass-fed butter below; this stuff is a necessity.

*Note: You DO need to use grass fed unsalted butter, don’t substitute margarine or anything else, this will defeat the purpose.

MCT Oil or Coconut Oil – Coconut oil technically is MCT oil, but MCT oil is more concentrated than coconut oil, which has been proven to help with fat loss (read more below). I use MCT Oil now due to its potency

Powerful Blender – Oil and water (coffee) do not mix…easily. Even if you melt the oil and butter and poor it into your coffee like a creamer, it still won’t work. You will just have coffee with a nice oil mixture on top. I use a hand blender purchased at Tuesday Morning for 15 dollars. You need a powerful blender that will force the two liquids together and give you a latte-looking finish, with foam on top.

Health Benefits To Bulletproof Coffee:

Fat Loss Anyone? Medium-chain triglyceride (MCT), found in coconut oil, consumption has been shown to lead to greater losses of fat tissue in animals and humans.
More Energy For You! Studies have shown that the fast rate of oxidation of MCFA (Medium chain fatty acids) leads to increase energy expenditure (EE). It is absorbed differently in the body as opposed to long chain fatty acids.
Eating Fat Will Make Me Fat…NOPE!! Greater energy expenditure with MCFA relative to long-chain fatty acids (LCFA) results in less body weight gain and decreased size of fat depots after several months of consumption.
Why Grass Fed Butter? Fresh grass in the cow diet improves the rheological and nutritional properties of butter. The nutritional value of butter is improved by the proportion of fresh grass in the diet of cows by halving the atherogenicity index.
You’re Trying To Give Me a Heart Attack!! Despite the high saturated fat content of dairy products, no clear association between dairy product intake and risk of myocardial infarction (MI) has been observed.
Gain Muscle – Both exercise and coffee raise cellular energy use while simultaneously inhibiting your muscle building mechanisms (mTOR) for a brief period, which causes it to “spring back” and build even more muscle as soon as you eat. There are 3 known ways to raise mTOR. Intermittent fasting, exercise, and coffee.
This cup of coffee alone is probably about 10x healthier than your current breakfast, and it has the calories to match so think of it as a meal replacement on the days you do not feel like eating. I currently have both Bullet Proof Coffee and breakfast however I sometimes go long periods of time between coaching, training and eating a balanced lunch.

Have a cup of this stuff, and have a GREAT morning with no crash later!!

Who wants to try some bulletproof coffee!?

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